Seven key steps to change your reality

When Johanna discovers active lifestyle, she quickly finds themselves confronted with limits, the way others look at her, time management, the desire to be a mother, finding and living with a partner who loves and accepts her as she is. She hopes to find an instruction handbook that allows her to have every thing without sacrifice because around her, she only sees people who have abandoned what they love to do what they have to do. She is therefore thinking about human mindset, Femme inarrĂȘtable and her meeting with Jean-Remy changes her reality: she learns to hear herself, to love herself, to go towards what motivates her, to create, to express her desires. Don't we state that to get what we want it is essential to be? This book is here to help you think about the right questions about yourself. To read through, to offer to overcome all that limitations you.

That is Johanna Francois?

Johanna, it is many women helped, a lot more than 400 people trained, 20 companies backed, a book, and the popularization of the simple, but revolutionary concept: No need to damage your limiting beliefs when you can replace them through positive beliefs.

A normal life

My childhood isn't amazing possibly, I wasn't born in a mansion, I wasn't the small Einstein within the class. Honestly, nothing susceptible me to become the woman I am today. It was when I was 19 that everything altered, feeling out of place in the school system, I decided to give up my studies to enter the world of function. I continue fixed-term contracts and my skills quickly turn them into long term ones, alas, I always wind up resigning after a year. Why ? Because once again, I felt out of place.

A path strewn with problems

The world of salaried work will not suit me, it is apparent, so I turn to entrepreneurship in order to find what I am desperately looking for. In 2013, I create custom bathrooms and kitchens, as always everything will go well, but a big problem appears, the current does not pass with the craftsmen, many usually do not accept to become directed with a woman and i also feel deep-down that it will not go. In 2014, I started another business in weight loss ... With this new project I got a bit closer to my entire life mission, but at the time, I did not realize it yet. Despite very good results, I can see that something is wrong. This time around around, it's the customers. They want to lose weight, but motivated this is the desert and it undermines me. Rebelote, I'll stop everything. I also quit because Jean Remi, my partner, has just taken my breathing away: Because of an active meditating method, he succeeds in replacing among my limiting beliefs with a constructive one. I had a big problem, I couldn't refuse, every time that word arrived of my mouth I felt a deep sense of shame and my partner made me impervious to that shame. I was surprised, shocked, I couldn't think my eyeballs, to me he literally experienced gold within his hands. This event noted me so much that in 2015 I gave up my weight loss business to start a new "ThetaDream" business.

My beliefs my fortress

But Beliefs My Fortress is training that has helped hundreds of women get rid of their restricting beliefs. Values rule your daily life and don't need you to definitely function. Most of these opportunities that you haven't taken. This financial limit which you can't surpass. All these worries that dominate you. Critics, the eyes of others, their judgments. Everything is ruled by limiting values that impact you day and night. Without these beliefs, imagine the opportunities you could have seized? Think of the life you will have had? Well in the training "My beliefs my fortress", that's what we should do, we get rid of the followers

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